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The Power of the Gospel

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Date: October 17, 2021

Speaker: Nathan Hobert

Series: Romans: The Power of the Gospel

Category: Redeemer City Sermons

Scripture: Romans 13:1–7

Tags: Redeemer City, Church, Fitchburg, WI, Gospel, sermon

Romans 13:1-7. Paul shows us that the Gospel transforms our relationship as a citizen of the state. We see that for a Christian, while the ultimate allegiance is as a citizen in the Kingdom of God, it leads a Christian to submit to the state in matters that don't contradict our allegiance to God. Ultimately, this takes wisdom and discernment, but in this passage Paul shows a Christian: Why to Submit? When not to submit? How to submit?  Resources- Moo, commentary on Romans, Romans 8-16 For You, Keller, ESV Study bible.