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Church Planting

Church Planting (Multiplying Churches throughout our City and the World)

Planting new churches is “the single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven.”1 When Jesus gives his followers the great commission, He sends them out to make disciples of all people and baptize them. Baptism is the incorporation of people into a worshiping community. When Paul did his missionary journeys, he went to the largest city in that region and planted a church there. For us, if we are going to see our City renewed by the Gospel we are not only going to need many new City Groups spread throughout our City, but many new churches in our City that can reach new generations, residents, and people groups and send people to them.2 This commitment to church planting locally will be linked with a vision for church planting overseas. (Matt 28:19; Acts 6:9,12)

We are currently partnering with River City Church in Dubuque, Iowa and Casa de Gracia in Palin, Guatemala. And of course, always working toward raising up people within us to plant in Madison and beyond.

1 Peter Wagner, Church Planting for Greater Harvest (Regal, Glendale: 1991) 5

2 See Timothy Keller’s article, Why Plant Churches?