Join us for our Come Together Neighborhood Party on August 3rd from 4-8pm at the New Fountains tennis courts!

Our mission is to renew our city through the gospel. We partner with local organizations and global missionaries and churches to see a gospel movement go forward in our city and throughout the world.


We are committed to offering our time and resources for the betterment of our city and for the advancement of the gospel. We partner with several organizations to help serve our community including:

  • Badger Ridge Middle School
  • Country View Elementary School
  • Dear Diary
  • Iglesia Ebenezer Fitchburg
  • Nakoma Heights Homework Club
  • Verona Area School District

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We are partnered with Casa de Gracia, a church in Palín, Guatemala, that launched in Spring 2016. Their pastor, Walter Jolón, grew up in Palín and has a desire to see his city be transformed by the gospel. We are excited and humbled to be a part of what God is doing in Guatemala.

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North Africa

We are also partnered with missionaries in North Africa. We pray for these missionaries, for North African believers, and for the people they seek to reach with the gospel of Jesus. We provide support emotionally, spiritually, and financially to our partners in North Africa.

Church Planting

Jesus sent out his followers to make disciples of all people. The apostle Paul followed this command and planted a church in Rome, the largest city within his reach. Like Paul, we believe that planting churches is an incredibly effective strategy for evangelism. If our city is going to be renewed by the gospel, there is a need for new churches that can reach all generations and all people groups.

We are partnered with other churches with the mission of planting churches both locally and around the globe. These have included churches in Madison (Eastside Church), Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Guatemala. We are always working toward raising up believers who are willing to be the seeds of new churches in Madison and beyond.