5356 King James Way, Fitchburg

Trail to Success


Trail to Success is a colloboration between MMSD (Madison Metropolitian School District)-Chavez Elementary, Redeemer City Church and Joining Forces for Families (JFF-a Dane County Social Work Agency).

Trail to Success strengthens school-community relationships in the High Ridge Trail neighborhood by increasing accessibility to academic and enrichment programming for students and families. There are three primary pillars to T2S:

1. After School Programming. There are more than 100 elementary students bussed in from the Pine Apartments (5 miles away). Due to transportation issues, most of these students are unable to participlate in after school programming. So...we will bring the afterschool programming to them. Through an application process we have selected 24 students to participlate in the program. We have hired 4 teachers to work with these students three days a week (T, W & Th) at the Pines (who have graciously let us use their media room).

2. Family Empowerment. Once a month we will gather families to equip parents with the tools and resources to assist their children with school work at home.

3. Family Enrichment. JFF will have office hours at the Pines two days a week to assist parents and children with the difficulties of life. In addition, Redeemer City Church has conducted a Assets/Needs Analysis of the community and will supplement the above with a once a month enrichment time. These may be classes such as nurtitiion, parenting, internet control, finances, etc.

Our goal is that through this holistic picture, our students and families might thrive in school and life.


Brochure in Spanish