5356 King James Way, Fitchburg

Sunday In-person Worship

We are excited to regather in person!!! Here are some key elements of our safety protocol:
· Pursuant to the Dane County ordinance, everyone is required to wear masks. The preaching pastor and worship leaders will not be wearing masks while on stage (but will be masked when they are not actively leading).
· There will be a sign up for each service, and it will be capped at 45 people. Signing up ahead of time is mandatory for attending the service to keep our numbers under 50. When you sign up, include children.

· There will be no “meet and greet” during the service. As you are comfortable, feel free to socialize outside before and after the service!
· No coffee or food will be served.
· No childcare will be provided.
· Communion will not be served (we plan on reintroducing this important element to our service in the coming weeks)
· For anyone with health conditions or who feel uncomfortable attending in person, we will continue to livestream every Sunday at 10am.