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More Accessible

Redeemer City Church has partnered with Guatemala for our more accessible relationship. In Guatemala City we have partnered with Casa de Libertad which is a large church planting church. Libertad is part of the Acts29 Church Plant Network and one of two headquarters for Acts 29 Latin America Network. This network spans from Mexico to Brazil in a region consists of over 600 million people, 35 countries, and five different main languages. The Acts 29 Latin America network was formalized in 2014 and is led by Francisco Bendfeldt, based in Guatemala City, and Jay Bauman, based in Rio de Janeiro. We have partnered with Francisco and Casa de Libertad to see churches planted throughout Central America.

Our first partnership is with Casa de Gracia, which is a church plant in Palin, Guatemala. They launched in the Spring of 2016 and we had the opportunity to visit in July 2016 with our vision team. Their pastor Walter Jolonhas grown up in Palin and has a desire to see Palin transformed by the Gospel. We are excited and humbled to be a part of what God is doing in Central America.